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Sharing podcasts with friends and family is hard. You have to guess what player they’re using - Apple Podcasts, OverCast, Google Podcasts, or something else. A website allows you to share your podcast so that the user can choose their preferred player.

Increase Google Visibility

Rank higher on Google and other search engines with a website. This means that anyone searching for your podcast will quickly find it and know how to subscribe. Avoid forcing people to hunt for your show.

Grow your Brand

A website with your branding and social media links means you can quickly grow your audience. We have sections for hosts, show notes, Patreon and other support links, and podcast player links.

Setup in Seconds

You can search for your podcast and have a website ready to go in seconds. We automatically find your podcast’s RSS feed and links to major podcast players. You can also upgrade for custom domains and complete removal of the IronMic branding.

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